This list shows who has what power, and what item is necessary to get a power.

Articuno – ”treasure” from Ice Island (in the Orange Islands)

Zapdos – ”treasure” from Lightning Island

Moltres – ”treasure” from Fire Island

Raikou – Crystal (Team Rocket machine)

Entei – ashes from Brass Tower

Suicune – Clear Bell

Ho-Oh – Rainbow Wing

Lugia – Silver Wing

Groudon – Blue Orb; Justin

Kyogre – Red Orb; Rated

Rayquaza – Sky Melodica

Latios – Soul Dew; Jim

Latias – ??????; (reserved)

Deoxys – Meteorite

Regice – Ice Part

Regirock – Rock Part

Registeel – Steel Part

Regigigas – Music Box

Shaymin – Gracidea Flower

Manaphy – Crystal from underwater palace

Cresselia – Lunar wing

Darkrai – Shadow Crystal

Mesprit – Time Gear

Uxie – Time Gear

Azelf – Time Gear

Heatran – Magma Stone

Dialga – Adamant Orb; Holly

Palkia – Lustrous Orb; Molly

Giratina – Griseous Orb


This list shows you what the advantages are to each power.

Articuno – flight, resistance to cold

Zapdos – flight, resistance to electricity

Moltres – flight, resistance to heat

Raikou – extra speed, resistance to electricity

Entei – extra speed, resistance to heat

Suicune – extra speed, resistance to cold

Ho-Oh – flight, can resurrect one person or a small group of people at cost of own life

Lugia – flight, can calm legendary Pokemon, can breathe underwater

Groudon – unaffected by ground based attacks, heat resistance

Kyogre – unaffected by water based attacks, breathe underwater

Rayquaza – unaffected by any weather

Latios – invisibility, flight, very limited telepathy

Latias – see Latios

Deoxys – flight, telepathy with any psychic Pokemon

Regice – can't become sick, poisoned, burned, etc.

Regirock – see Regice

Registeel – see Regirock

Regigigas – see Registeel

Shaymin – revive plants

Manaphy – talk with water Pokemon, breathe underwater

Cresselia – heal anyone

Darkrai – cause unending nightmares (only 3 in entire lifetime)

Mesprit – affect others' emotions

Uxie – cause short term amnesia

Azelf – limited mind control on weak minded people (Fates are immune), can't give orders that directly conflict with someone's deepest beliefs/goals

Heatran – fireproof

Dialga – turn back time in small area for a few minutes (causes fainting or worse), flight

Palkia – reshape land (bigger effect=more energy spent), flight

Giratina – make portals to reverse world, flight



All powers give people abnormal resistance to damage in human form, but much more in legendary form. Attacks can be used in human form, but they are not very powerful.


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