Non-Player Characters

A non-player character (or NPC) is a character featured in a story that is not one of the main characters.  Many of the recurring ones will be listed here.  If you would like an NPC you made up to be listed here, please send Proto a description, a picture if possible, and say who is allowed to use the NPC in their logs. People Allowed to Post about a character will be indicated with PAP.

Holly (Proto)


  This is Holly.  When Chaos went back in time and changed everything for the worse, Holly was the only one unaffected.  Why?  She has the powers of Dialga.  She is an enigmatic girl, as reflected by her team full of Unown.  She hasn't been seen since she took away the powers of Nicole the Fate.

Pokemon: Unown (POWER!)



PAP: Proto, Justin, and Rated

X a.k.a Colonel (Proto)


  This is X.  Once a member of Chaos, she was blamed for the loss at the Whirl Islands (though it was actually her bosses fault).  She was kicked out of Chaos as punishment, and her new goal in life is to determine who is the better trainer: herself or Jim.  There's only one answer she'll accept.

Pokemon: Espeon and ???

PAP: Proto

Molly (Rated)

  This is Molly.  No one knows much about her (including Molly herself) because she is suffering from a bad case of amnesia.  All she remembers is that she likes sea salt ice cream. Rated found her and gave her a job as her assistant. During her travels with Rated, she gained the powers of Palkia. Now after her lost against the Chaos Leader. she is willing and able to train her pokemon and to stop being a hinder to Rated. 

More of Molly's past have been reveled. She is number IX in Organizaion XIII. She appears to be an old friend of Axel.

Pokemon: Hitmonchan, Clefairy, Chansey, Rapidash, Donphan

PAP Rated

Axel (Rated)


  This is Axel. He is the VIII member of Organization XIII. He is a very talented fire type trainer. He alo throws his Quilava and Growlithe at his opponents like twin chakrams. He seems to be an old friend of Molly and he also likes Sea Salt Ice Cream. He is also like a mentorto Rated in the begining of her time in Organization XIII. He also seems to have some connection to VII, Saix.

Pokemon: Growlithe, Quilva, Charizard, Houndoom, Ninetails, Blaziken

PAP Rated

Amanda (Rated)

 PKMN_Trainer_ID_by_minjii.jpg image by par_darkness

  This is Amanda. She is a girl that is part of Chaos. Her first activity shown was entering the Pokemon League in Kanto which she lost to Rated. And for some unkown reason she calls Rated "princess" .  That is all the info we know of her at this time.

Pokemon: Glalie, Golem, Gengar, Infernape, Tyranitar, Machamp, Weezing

PAP Rated


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