his is the schedule for the ferries that will be present in the PSRD RPG. If you want to travel by ferry, you must use these ferries that are located below:

Kanto Ships

International Runs (The ships run only to and from Vermillion Port)

SS Aqua                             Olivine, Johto

SS Alpha                            Lilycove, Hoenn

SS Beta                              Slateport, Hoenn

SS Gamma                       Canalave, Sinnoh

SS Delta                             Pastoria, Sinnoh

SS Epsilon                        Gateon, Orre

SS Tau                               Pueltown, Almia

SS Omega                        Summerland, Fiore

SeaGallop Hi-Speed 7   Sevii Islands

Local Runs (They go both ways)

SS Blastoise                    Vermillion to Cinnabar

SS Sliph                            Vermillion to Fushia

SS Seafoam                    Cinnabar to Fushia


Johto Ships

International Runs (They only go to and from Olivine Port)

SS Aqua                           Vermillion, Kanto

SS Zeta                            Lilycove, Hoenn

SS Eta                              Slateport, Hoenn

SS Theta                         Canalave, Sinnoh

SS Rho                            Pastoria, Sinnoh

SS Iota                             Gatoen, Orre

SS Upsilon                      Pueltown, Almia


Local Runs (They go both ways)

SS Feraligator                Olivine to Cherryrove

SS Whirl                          Olivine to Cinawood

SS Suicune                    Cinawood to Cherrygrove


Hoenn Ships

International Runs

To and from Lilycove Port

SS Alpha                        Vermillion, Kanto

SS Zeta                          Olivine, Johto

SS Kappa                      Canalave, Sinnoh

SS Lamda                     Pastoria, Sinnoh

SS Mu                            Gateon, Orre

SS Phi                            Pueltown, Almia

To and from Slateport Port

SS Beta                         Vermillion, Kanto

SS Eta                           Olivine, Johto

SS Nu                            Canalave, Sinnoh

SS Xi                              Pastoria, Sinnoh

SS Omikron                  Gateon, Orre


Local Runs (They go both ways)

SS Tidal                         Lilycove, Slateport, Battle Frontier

SS Swampert               Lilycove to Mossdeep

SS Devon                      Slateport to Dewford to Rustburo

SS Sky Pillar                 Slateport to Pacificlog

SS Kyogre                     Mossdeep to Sootopolis

SS Groundon               Pacificlog to Sootopolis

SS Rayquaza               Sootopolis to Evergrande Waterfall


Sinnoh Ships

International Runs

To and from Canalave Port

SS Gamma                 Vermillion, Kanto

SS Theta                      Olivine, Johto

SS Kappa                    Lilycove, Hoenn

SS Nu                           Slateport, Hoenn

SS Pi                            Gateon, Orre

SS Chi                         Pueltown, Almia

To and from Pastoria Port

SS Delta                     Vermillion, Kanto

SS Rho                       Olivine, Johto

SS Lamda                  Lilycove, Hoenn

SS Xi                            Slateport, Hoenn

SS Sigma                   Gateon, Orre


Local Runs (They go both ways)

SS Empoleon            Snowpoint to Fight Area

SS Manaphy               Canalave to Iron Island

SS Cornet                   Canalave to Pastoria

SS Lustrous               Canalave to Snowpoint

SS Adamant               Pastoria to Snowpoint

SS Dialga                   Pastoria to Sunnyshore

SS Palkia                    Canalave to Sunnyshore

SS Giratina                Sunnyshore to Pokemon League Waterfall


Orre Ships (all go to Gateon Port)
SS Epsilon               Vermillion, Kanto

SS Iota                      Olivine, Johto

SS Mu                        Lilycove, Hoenn

SS Omikron             Slateport, Hoenn

SS Pi                         Canalave, Sinnoh

SS Sigma                 Pastoria, Sinnoh

SS Psi                       Pueltown.


Almia Ships

International Runs (All go to and from Pueltown)

SS Tau                     Vermillion, Kanto

SS Upsilon              Olivine, Johto

SS Phi                       Lilycove, Hoenn

SS Chi                      Canalave, Sinnoh

SS Psi                       Gateon, Orre

Local Runs (the Puel Sea and the Sea of Wailord are the only ships that go both ways)

SS Puel                     Boyleland & Haruba to Pueltown

SS Boyle                    Pueltown & Haruba to Boyleland

SS Haruba                Pueltown & Boyleland to Haruba

SS Puel Sea             Pueltown to Puel Sea

SS Wailord                Pueltown to Sea of Wailord


Sevii Islands

SeaGallop Hi-Speed 2          Islands One Two and Three

SeaGallop Hi-Speed 3          Islands Four and Five

SeaGallop Hi-Speed 5          Islands Six and Seven

SeaGallop Hi-Speed 6          Islands One TwoThree Four Five Six and Seven

SeaGallop Hi-Speed 7          Vermillion, Kanto


SS Anne

The SS Anne is a Luxury Cruiser that travels through out the world. You can use the SS Anne to get to your destination without changing ships. But, since there is only one SS Anne you can only get on at the current port. Right now the SS Anne is docked at Lilycove City in Hoenn. If you want to travel on the SS Anne you must post letting everyone know the destination and when it docks.


Many thanks to Rated for compiling this huge list.



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