Here is a more or less official list of characters and their backstories.  If you want to update the description of your character, send Proto a message with the new text.

Jim (Proto)

  This is Jim.  He grew up as the often ignored younger brother of the Cerulean gym leaders.  He hates water Pokemon.  One day, he ran away from home.  He ran into a strange girl named Nicole.  She took over his life.  It turned out that she was a Fate controlling him with her powers.  One day, a girl named Holly forcibly removed Nicole's powers.  Now Jim is a free man with the powers of Latios.  He travels with Christine.

Pokemon: Mystique (Espeon), Flair (Flareon), Snowball (Glaceon), Flash (Jolteon), Blade (Leafeon), and Enigma (Umbreon)


Christine (Proto)


  This is Christine, although that's not her real name.  She used to be a thief and a con artist until she got bored of that life.  She saved Jim from being frozen, and now he must pay her back by traveling with her and pretending she is one of his childhood friends. She has limited telepathy.

Pokemon: Lil' Thief (Sneasel), Ark (Lapras), Rocky (Aerodactyl), and Phantom (Shedinja)

Justin (TheToadMaster)


  This is Justin.  Being one of the first researchers for PSRD, you'd think that he would be very serious and focused on his work.  He can, however, be slightly immature (especially around Rated).  He went undercover to infiltrate Chaos, but that didn't last long.  He has the powers of Groudon.

Pokemon: Altaria, Tyranitar, 2 Salamance, Dragonite, Weaville, Kingdra, Garchomp, Charizard, Glaceon (Scarfy!)


Jessica (TheToadMaster)

  This is Jessica.  She used to work for Chaos, but decided to join the people fighting it instead.  Something about destroying the world just didn't agree with her.  She now travels with Justin.

Pokemon: Frosslass, Cloyster, Abomasnow, Walrein, Mamoswine, Glalie, Lapras

Rated (Rated)


  This is Rated.  She is the sister of Green.  When she decided to leave Pallet Town and have an adventure, she didn't exactly announce it to her grandfather, Professor Oak.  She has the power of Kyogre.  She won the tenth Kanto Pokemon League tournament.  After her win  Chaos attacked and tried to kidnap her and Molly. But a mysterious person helped Rated defeat Chaos. After the battle she and her assistant Molly met up with the mysterious person named Axel. Who batles Rated. During the battle Rated and molly were kidnapped. In order to protect Molly from the organization's assault, she was forced to become the thirteenth member of organization XIII.

Pokemon: Empoleon, Walrein, Blastoise, Frosslass, Lapras, Camerupt, Metagross, Purugly, Skunktank, Floatzel, Dragonite, Aerodactyl, Poliwrath, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Urasring

Shadow Pokemon- Aipom

Liv (Vulzam)


  This is Liv.  She is Flannery of Hoenn's sister.  They have trained their fire types together since they started training Pokemon. They are about 2 years apart.  They are originally from Johto, and they moved to Hoenn when Liv was 5. Then her Grandpa didn't want to keep his gym in Hoenn anymore and moved back to Kanto to continue being a gym leader there (Blaine).  Liv was 16 and Flannery was 18. Liv loves to go back to Hoenn to visit her sister, though she's in Johto for the next year. Its been 2 years since Liv has been in Hoenn.

Pokemon: Vulia (Vulpix), Houndour

Neptune (Shadow_Lugia)


  This is Neptune. He is the son of Team Galatic's Leader, Cyrus. A very selfish guy. He cares about no one and his main goal is to foil his father's dream. That is the sole reason he joined the labs. He has a very cold heart due to his childhood. Is there anyone who can warm his heart?

Pokemon: Kabutops, Swampert, Mamoswine, Weaville, Skarmory, Scyther, Rhydon, Larvitar


Kay (Shadow_Lugia)

  This is Kay. She is a young girl that is from the Sevii Islands. She demostrates high patrisom when Team Rocket invaded the Sevii Islands. She teamed up with Neptune to take down the Team Rocket threat and afterwards help Neptune with his mission.

Pokemon- Nidoqueen Honchkrow Gyarados




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