The Lab - Basics

  1. What is PSRD/the lab?

    It's both the name of the RP and also the organization that all of the main characters in the RP are a part of.  It is a research facility in Blackthorn City.

  2. Wait, do I have to do any research?

    Nope.  Most of the characters in the lab just use the money they get from being a "researcher" to fund their own private adventure.  This can range from collecting badges to catching Pokemon to winning contests or even something you make up.

  3. Who are the leaders of the lab?

    In the RP, there is no specific leader at this time.  The three people in charge of the RP are Proto, Rated, and Justin.  What they say goes.

  4. How do I join?

    You need to submit an application on Pokemon Nights.  Also, you need to either provide me (Proto) with a picture of your character or send me a message letting me know what he/she looks like.  I can edit a picture for you if you want, but I can't make one from scratch.

  5. What's the overall storyline?

    There isn't one!  Everyone is free to pursue their own individual stories.  There are, however, major events that anyone can participate in if they want.

  6. What if I want to use someone else's character in part of my story?

    You can, with the other author's permission.  You can arrange that under the Collaboration forum or by sending them an email.

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  1. What is a power?

    A power is basically the ability to turn into a legendary Pokemon (more or less at will). A person with such a power has all the attacks of the legendary Pokemon and many of their abilities.

  2. Who can get these powers?

    You have to be in the lab for awhile. Then, if you request one, the leaders will decide whether or not you are allowed to have one.

  3. How many people are there with each power?

    Only one. So, if you are allowed to have a power but don't want your character to get it right away, just let us know which one you want and I will put “reserved” next to your power on the list. That way, people will know that someone has claimed it.

  4. What Pokemon are allowed for powers?

    All nonlegendary Pokemon are banned (including Phione).  Also, Mew, Mewtwo, Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, and Arceus are banned.  The Pokemon allowed can be found in the list.

  5. Wait just a minute. Why is Mew banned but not Dialga? Dialga can control time!

    That's true, but Dialga and Palkia have limitations. Someone with Dialga's powers can turn back time, but only in a localized area and only a few minutes. Even doing that is an enormous strain on a person.  Palkia has similar problems with affecting space.

  6. What are the advantages to each power?

    You can find that in one of the lists.

  7. Okay, the leaders said I could have a legendary power. How do I give it to my character?

    People get powers when they touch a certain object related to the legendary Pokemon.  It could be something they guard, something they dropped, or anything.  You can find out what you need for each power by looking at the list.  Also, not everyone who touches the item gets the power.

  8. Where are the lists mentioned earlier?

    It's one of the pages, labeled "The Lists."

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  1. What is a Fate?

    A Fate is a person with control over other people's destinies.

  2. Can any Fate control anyone?

    No. Fates can only control specific people, and no person has multiple Fates in control of them.

  3. How many Fates are there?

    There are many Fates to prevent anyone person from controlling too many people.

  4. Can one of my characters be a Fate?

    Yes, but only if you follow these conditions.

        1. Your Fate cannot control anyone else's character unless they giveyou direct permission and make a topic in this forum to say so (so weall know you have permission).

         2. Your Fate cannot control the majority of the people they meet.

         3. Your Fate cannot use their power to influence gym leaders, Elite Four members, or other people in high positions.


  5. Do Fates control other Fates?

    Each Fate is in control of exactly one other Fate, but it's a very limited control.

  6. Do Fates control Pokemon?

    No. They do, however, know enough about their habitats, migrations, etc. to accurately predict where they will be and when.

  7. Are Fates all knowing?

    Not even close. They just know a lot about Pokemon and the people they control.

  8. Where do Fates get their power?

    There is a higher power that gives it to them and can take it away if they break one of the few rules that Fates have. No Fate knows what this higher power is, and since few normal humans are even aware of Fates, no one knows.

  9. What rules do they have?

    There are three.

        1. No Fate canescape his/her destiny. This wouldn't be possible even for them, butsomeone with free will could violate this rule for them (whether theFate wants them to or not).

        2. No Fate can force someone to commit suicide.

        3. No Fate can personally become a gym leader, Elite Four, or leader of any organization.


  10. How do Fates get chosen?

    They are chosen at a young age based on many (sometimes conflicting) factors. Normally, new Fates are chosen at the same rate that the old ones die. If someone with free will kills a Fate prematurely (or if a Fate loses their powers), anyone that was previously controlled by that Fate has free will until a new Fate ischosen.

  11. Are Fates good or bad?

    Fates are neither good nor bad. Most work on making life go smoothly. Some, however, treat life like a game, pitting the good guys against the bad guys. Of course, they usually fix it sothat the good guys come out on top. Not always, though. The worst of the worst gives the people he's supposed to control free will, and they formed the organization known as Chaos.

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  1. What is Chaos?

    Chaos is an organization of people with free will.  They are trying to kill all of the Fates, plunging the world into... well, you know.

  2. Who is in Chaos?

    A while back, a single Fate gave all of the people he was supposed to be controlling free will.  They formed Chaos.  Recently, another Fate lost their powers, so they have a few new recruits.  Not everyone with free will is in Chaos, however.

  3. Who can fight them?

    A smart member of Chaos is unstoppable when fighting a normal person because he or she is in control of their own destiny.  Only another person with free will can fight them.

  4. I want my character to fight them. How can my character get free will?

    They might already have it.  Nicole lost her powers as a Fate, so many people now have free will.  If you want your character to fight Chaos, then their Fate must have been Nicole (or they must have been a member of Chaos their whole life and now decided to rebel).

  5. How is Chaos organized?

    ...That sounds like a trick question.  For the most part, it's unorganized.  When they want to get something done, a small group will form to do it.  Their activities can range from trying to kill Fates to causing disasters.

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